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38th Street Bridge to Undergo (Unnecessary) Renovation


Finally, a renovation project to fly in the face of those who say nothing exciting happens at Penn over the summer! The 38th Street Bridge--aka The Locust Walk Class of 1949 Generational Pedestrian Bridge--aka The Bridge of Broken Dreams--will be closed so it can get a bit of a facelift this summer. 

Even though we thought the bridge was a-okay as is, maybe the renovation will include completely demolishing the existing bridge and replacing it with a series of moving walkways! Though it's unlikely, one can still dream...

In addition to making Locust Walk access to anything west of 38th Street godforsakenly difficult, renovation efforts will include repaving, waterproofing, re-lighting, "vine column refurbishment," and removal of that concrete bench by Bridge Café. Additionally, Quakers can expect to see the thrilling rejuvenation of two plaques: the Class of 1949 Plaque and the plaque celebrating 125 Years of Women at Penn. (Btw congrats ladies, it's now been 138 years!) It should be nice to see a gussied-up bridge in the fall, especially if you don't have to deal with being on-campus during its rebirth. Alas, if we still have to wheezily arrive red-faced at Commons, at least the journey there will be prettier?