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Penn Alum Dates Snapchat Boyfriend; Penn Girls Pissed They Didn't Think Of It First

Forget what anyone tells you: love is real and for this Penn alum, it's with a Snapchat doodle. Molly Mitchell, C'11, has stunned the world by introducing everyone to her brand new boyfriend, a handsome yellow-colored fellow with blonde hair and blue eyes. He's a total dreamboat—he massages her feet, "loves surprising me 4 no reason!!" and is "lyk literally so tall &thoughtful". The couple looks happy together, although Molly's parents are a little concerned.

For every Single McSingleton out there, take note. Liking your crush's Instagram to no avail? Tried Tinder? Are literally all your friends forwarding you their Grouper invites because they already found love and you just "need to get out and meet someone!"? Don't sweat it, just use technology to your advantage and make your own special friend. The future is now.