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Senior Contest: You And Your Shit


Friends, knowledge, a return on your investment--all things you theoretically get out of a Penn education. If there's one thing you undeniably will take away with you, it's the thousands upon thousands of random Penn-related clothes, backpacks, mugs and more that you've gotten for free/bursared/bought from your sorority/sports team/Class Board...you know what shit we're talking about.

As Senior Week is almost upon us, UTB is holding a little contest. Seniors: take a picture of you surrounded by all your four-years-of-Penn-related shit, and Instagram it. Hashtag it #PennShit AND tag @underthebutton.  Whoever has the most impressive shit nest/pile will be featured on the blog and receive a $15 gift card to Copa, the senior-est place we could think of. After the jump, read the contest rules/FAQs.


Q. Does it have to be an official Penn shirt? Can fling tanks/my clever SDT shirt count? A: Anything goes.

Q: Do all the items have to be physically with me in the picture? A: Yes.

Q: Is this only open to seniors? A: Yes.

Q: Does anyone want to buy my 10,000 Penn shirts? A: NO.