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Things That Are Worse Than Finals, Sixth Edition


It's not hard to feel pretty grim during finals season. But sometimes, in the thick of things, all it takes is a little perspective to help you through. See the first five installations of this series here, here, here, here and here, and read on for another ten things that are arguably worse than finals.

1. The parking ticket machine in the entrance to FroGro that's always like PLEASE PAY HERE BEFORE RETURNING TO YOUR VEHICLE!

2. Your snapchats might not have been disappearing forever.

3. Having to pee when somebody else is in the shower.

4. The bitter trajectory of Amanda Bynes.

5. The bitter trajectory of West Coast starfish.

6. Bedbugs.

7. Buying a cactus at CVS, thinking it's a plant that's impossible to kill. Then killing it.

8. The split-second realization that you've just become locked out of your house, as soon as the door slams shut behind you.

9. Sitting on a wet bike seat.

10. All of Middle School.