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Things To Accomplish Before Summer Ends


Ah, summertime: a glorious three months sans Ivy Fatigue that many of us choose to fill with classes and internships anyway. Be yourself! Live a little! are just two of the things on UTB's li'l checklist to help you make the most of summer. Third? Take a sec to admire this corgi's patience ?

Wherever you are and whatever you're doing this summer, here's the rest of that list:

  • Finish the episodes of 'Game of Thrones' you didn't get through during reading days
  • Father's Day is June 15th. Do something with that information.
  • Former freshmen: lose the 15
  • Penn '15: get vaccinated for senioritis
  • Check your grades, eventually
  • Start a new hobby. Like extreme ironing.
  • Stock up on surplus sleep hours so you can break even by the end of fall semester
  • Start a dream journal 
  • Discover something new about the city you're currently in
  • Tell your pre-frosh friends to bookmark UTB, just like you have
  • Order books Get a head start on readings Enjoy life.
  • On campusers: kill that summer class, or whatever you're doing in summer-Philly
  • And go to Philly's 4th of July Jam
  • Abroaders: update the Facebook album!!!
  • At homers: have at least 1 (one) quality interaction with your hometown friends
  • Employees and interns: don't fuck up
  • Also get a letter of rec maybe
  • Fresh graduates: do the real world??? idk 
  • Learn to cook something respectable
  • Go outside once you're done reading this
  • Manicure the LinkedIn profile
  • Find love
  • Spend some time at a large body of water and snap the 'grams to prove you did
  • Learn a programming language, so you can tell people you speak Computerese
  • Tackle a Vermonster with your bffs
  • Read a book for fun because you know it's been way too long
  • Experiment with a hairstyle while you can
  • Spend a full day in bed with Netflix
  • Watch John Legend's Commencement speech

Happy summer!