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UTB's End Of Year Overheard Roundup


Hello and thank you for choosing this post as your procrastination destination today. Since 34th Street is out on hiatus/taking a rest till next semest, UTB, like a good sister site, has put together a list of verbalizations overheard on and around campus recently. Enjoy.

Warning: people are awful.

Frat guy buying a drink at Starbucks: I'm such a white girl. Second frat guy: Well it's better than being a black girl.

Resumaybe: I creeped on the LinkedIn of the guy I hooked up with on Tinder...

AXO Formal: I love Jane Austen. 'Clueless' is amazing.

In an OkCupid message to a Jewish female: I'm not interested in a date but would like to discuss gentrification with you.

Capo Customer: Yeah, like, this weird guy I don't know liked all my photos on Facebook...So then I was creeping and, like, he's in a wheelchair so he must be socially awkward.

Girl 1: I don't think monogamy is for you. Girl 2: ...but it is...

Radian racist: She's really Asian looking though. Her eyes are slitty as fuck. [Her name] is really attractive, but she's black.