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Should You Go To Made In America? A Pro/Con List


We know the burning question on your mind: should you brave the masses and Philly heat and go to Made in America this weekend? It’s all good. We’ve done the thinking for you.


1)Classes just started and you probably don’t have much work to do (yet): Chapter one is always just a fake intro like “What is economics?” anyway, right?

2) And even if you do, it’s a three day weekend: It is Labor Day, a day you must honor by doing no labor.

3) Seen and be seen and be sceney: It’s what everyone’s gonna be talking about for the next few days. Yo, you goin to Made? How sick was Made? If a tree falls and no one’s there to Insta, did the tree ever fall at all?

4) Tickets will probably be pretty cheap: Today and tomorrow people are gonna be desperate to sell extra tickets. Sunday passes are already on Craigslist for under $50.

5) The lineup has some standouts: It may be worth going just to see Kanye stop mid-song and preach-sing for 20 straight minutes about how he is the number one fucking rock star on the planet. But seriously, Grimes, Spoon, Danny Brown, Misterwives, Nothing and Pharrel Williams all in one day? Yes, please.


1) Not the best vibes: Festival crowd is key. Made in America is made of drunk high school kids, various fratstars, every person at Penn you’re trying to avoid, and confused Philly residents who’re not really sure what a festival is and are just tryna see J. Cole. Plus everyone is mad dehydrated.

2) The lineup is also kinda meh: Kings of Leon and Tiesto? Still love you, Girl Talk, but what year is this. Who are the Ooh Baby Gimme Mores even. Also definitely not in the mood to relive flings past.

3) Potential for disaster: If Jay-Z & Co. don’t fix the water station shortage situation this year, it’ll be really easy to party a bit too hard and get hurt. PSA: no brownie is created equal. Don’t be one of those people sitting under a tree listening to an unpleasant combination of rap and folk rock because you’re too baked to move. Check yoself before you wreck yoself, etc.

4) Not Beyonce.