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15 Things Sadder Than The First Monday of Class


1. Having to get your sexual fix in a Van Pelt carrel

2. Living in Stouffer/Mayer.

3. Sober Wawa dinner.

4. Einstein Bagels' Yelp Ratings (#RIP).

5. The weird bar at the Rave.

6. Calling your RA "Mom."

7. The moment you realize your freshman hall is no longer in its honeymoon phase.

8. Penn’s Reputation with Pennsylvania residents.

9. Getting denied at Blarney.

10. Going to a BYO at Beijing and realizing no one brought alcohol after you already ordered.

11. Using CollegiateACB.

12. The absurdly long line you're willing to wait in at Chipotle.

13. Being one of these featured posters.

14. The realization that midterms are less than a month away.

15. Getting lost in Williams even though you're an upperclassman.

16. Yung Lean.