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Eco-Friendly Coffee and Retail Shop To Make Its Walnut Street Debut

Last year we said goodbye to one of Penn's most under-appreciated gems, Artisserie Chocolate Café (aka the café next to that weird eyewear store that uses Barbie doll bodies in their window displays). Hmm...

Fortunately, we're totally down for its replacement: a sustainable coffee shop and retail store called United By Blue (UBB). Admittedly we didn’t need a Parisian themed coffee shop, but we’ll still miss Art’s hot cocoa and pastries that made us feel abroad when we closed our eyes.

United By Blue will have clothes, food, and tea, and every purchase means UBB will clean oceans and waterways—removing a pound of trash per product. So just tell your parents that you guzzled down the coffee and stress shopped for a cause, they’ll surely understand.