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Amy G To Host Her Spookiest Halloween Gala Yet: An Afternoon Celebrating Innovation at Penn


In what's probably one of the vaguest invitations of all time, Her Highness Amy Gutmann has cordially invited us all to celebrate innovation at Penn's South Bank this October 31st. Um.........sure? Yeah, cool. Innovation! We do that! The event's gonna feature talks from Penn’s top brainiacs, researchers and professors. So...basically an afternoon lecture. Perfect for Halloween!

There'll also be a networking reception, but we all know that's just code for  haunted hayride---which is why it's inferable that you should wear a costume to this thing. The most innovative costume gets, well, nothing. But Penn is providing the transportaysh so unless you're spooked by iNnOvAtIoN, there's no reason not to go (and hello, AMY will be there!!!).