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Costume Guide: How To Dress Like Your Favorite Penn Haunts

What to wear for Halloween? You can't bear to dress up as a sexy cat again, and sexy nurse is too damn pre-professional. Fear, not! Using campus as inspiration, UTB presents you with its Fall 2014 Costumer Guide:

Penn-related Place/Person/Thing: The Rave

What to Wear: 3D Glasses, glowsticks

How to Act: Irrelevant

Penn-related Place/Person/Thing: Franklin Field

What to Wear: The Penn sweatshirt you got Senior year of high school

How to Act: Slightly disinterested

Penn-related Place/Person/Thing: The Penn Walk people who ride bikes

What to Wear: Yellow

How to Act: Like your butt hurts

Penn-related Place/Person/Thing: Huntsman Hall

What to Wear: Nothing 

How to Act: Like this girl

Penn-related Place/Person/Thing: Chipotle

What to Wear: A child named "Food Baby"

How to Act: Sexually fulfilled

Penn-related Place/Person/Thing: Commons

What to Wear: Blue-collared T-shirt

How to Act: Call everyone "baby"

Penn-related Place/Person/Thing: The Tampons

What to Wear: Red

How to Act: Like you're PMS-ing

Penn-related Place/Person/Thing: Van Pelt

What to Wear: Your Freshman year Library Social T-shirt

How to Act: Like you have something in your bag

Penn-related Place/Person/Thing: Hill

What to Wear: Orange jumpsuit

How to Act: Freezing (or sweaty, depending on the weather)

Penn-related Place/Person/Thing: Quad

What to Wear: T-shirt tattered from squirrel nibbles

How to Act: Superior