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IT'S AMY'S 65TH B-DAY! Celebrating 65 Things That Have Happened During Her Reign

What's that festive vibe in the air on this brisk morning? THAT WOULD BE THE CAMPUS-WIDE JOY OF OUR UNIVERSITY HIGH HOLY DAY: AMY GUTMANN'S BIRTHDAY.

Talk about a #WomanCrushWednesday: Madame President is – no joke – turning SIXTY-FIVE today. Here's to the blonde fountain of youth who doesn't know the meaning of the official Medicare benefits age. And knowing A-Gut will be at the helm of dear old Penn through 2019 is all the social security we need. We've been Chasing Amy from the get-go, so UTB now proudly presents 65 things that have occurred during the birthday girl's time as our fearless leader (get ready to click dem hyperlinks)...

1. She politely declined Pike's watermelons.

2. She strutted like she meant it.

3. She missed a UPS delivery, just like US.

4. Oh yeah, she raised a casual 5ish billion by Making History.

5. She promoted Family Weekend as Benjamina Button.

6. She was Seen On The Walk in the trendiest of regalia.

7. She was Philly's easy, breezy, beautiful cover girl.

8. When it was Time To Shine, she let this horror happen.

9. She had Girls' Night with Arianna Huffington.

10. She once went to Capo and it was a sight to behold.

11. She showed off our "urban oasis," Penn Park.

12. She let the Inquirer inside her College Hall office for a gushing profile.

13. She SABSed at the White House with George Clooney, Hillary Clinton and Anna Wintour.

14. She brought her hubby as an accessory to a game at the Palestra amongst the masses.

15. She used Comic Sans in 2011 and we're not over it.

16. She was the biggest fashionista in Seoul.

17. She got "candid" with PhillyMag.

18. She got wished a Happy 59th by Baby UTB.

19. ...But last year's Facebook event was far more exciting.

20. Penn celebrated its 10-year Amyversary.

21. She was named the Regina George of college presidents.

22. She did the most in Paris in 2010.

23. She got spoOoOoky one Halloween night.

24. ...She wasn't as spirited this year. But it was prob more fun than Madeon.

25. She went on a Hong Kong shopping spree.

26. She walked arm-in-arm with her man down Locust while rocking a red leather jacket.

27. She walked three dogs simultaneously and made Penn combust.

28. She saw "The Social Network" at the Rave.

29. She did(n't do) Copa Wednesday.

30. She became the President of Presidents.

31. She shook it off before TSwift.

32. She was mistaken for ANY Gutmann by the NYT.

33. She emailed us about if and when Ebola comes to Penn.

34. She was made queen of the (United States) Prez's bioethics committee.

35. ...Again!

36. She ate in public once, maybe.

37. She was (never) almost chosen to be Prince George's godmomma.

38. She was there when the Nanotechnology Center became a man.

39. She was (and is) obsessed with Penn Park.

40. She lit the Menorah with devout grace.

41. She did that a bunch of times.

42. She introduced Malala.

43. She LOLed at Bloomers.

44. She played March Madness.

45. She almost made it a decade without us discovering this.

Ehh, we'll stop there, since A-Gut don't look a day over 45. Thanks for all the great ~journalistic~ material over the years, birthday gurl. If you spot 65-year-old bombshell on campus today (good luck with that), give her a hug from all of us at UTB. HBD AMY G!