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UTB AFTER DARK: The WORST Of Your Halloween Costumes

You saw the best costumes this morning, and we nearly peed our pants seeing these dudes playing dress-up. But as Penn students know too well, for every winner there's a loser, which is why we present you with this weekend's WORST costumes:

Shittiest Attempt at Underage Drinking: Maintenance Man

Our sources tell us that there was malt liquor in the plunger and strawberry lemonade/rum in the spray bottle. 

Best Use of a Natural Resource Found on Baltimore Avenue: Tree (and her friend who's a Flapper)

Bonus points for the pair that, like, totally go together. 

Best Display of Patriotism: Flag and the Police

Are you dressing up as Americans? Betsy Ross? Policewoman who loves her Uggs?

Most Ambiguous Costume: Sexy (Large-Eared) Cat...or Playboy Bunny?

The creepy owls staring on the wall are what get us.

Best Use of Wharton Cohort Swag: Mexican (?) and Santa

Because everyone's favorite Christmas gift-giver visits South of the Border, too. And carries a red cup with him.