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Things That Are Worse Than Finals, Seventh Edition

Ugh, finals cannot get it. 'Tis the season for the most miserable time of the year, which somehow immediately precedes the most wonderful. It's Sunday night and the end of paper writing/exam cramming seems forever away, whether you're finishing tomorrow or Thursday. But, hey – for your procrastinatory pleasure, UTB will take off its cynic's hat and look on the bright side of life

Without further ado, the seventh volume of our biannual series presenting ten things that are, in fact, worse than finals:

1. Squishy, wet, cold socks from stepping in a puddle.

2. The thermostat in Rosenparty.

3. That this was a joke.

4. That Joan Rivers won't be there to comment on fashion this awards season.

5. This rewording/re-melodizing of the beloved show tune "You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile" for the "Annie" remake.

6. That Bellamy Young and Lisa Kudrow were snubbed for Golden Globe nominations. #TeamMellie

7. This nonsense from TNR.

8. Waking up either a) grossly schvitzy, b) so cold that taking off the blanket will be like walking barefoot in snow, or c) hungover with cotton mouth. 

9. Being incarcerated if you're Adnan Syed and (probably) innocent.

10. ...And THIS.


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