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VP Gems: Medicine For Finals

What better way to escape reading days (and reality) than by randomly choosing a selected stack in VP and mining for its gems? While you tried to cram an entire semester of Math 104 into an afternoon, we took a leisurely stroll down the R 644 S15 N3 – RA 1025 L43 A3 stack. We hope you've gotten through our last reading list, but in case you haven't, we've listed call numbers so that you can join us on this journey through great literature.

Bottoms Up!: A Pathologist’s Essays on Medicine and the Humanities (call no. R 702 024): The end of finals got us like...

Wine in Samskrita Literature (call no. R 605 D45): We’re going to assume that Bottoms Up! is a close cousin of Wine in Samskrita Literature...and like any stressed college student, we'll be feverishly studying both. 

Napoleon’s Glands (call no. R 702 K37): Everything you could ever possibly want to know about Napoleon’s Endocrine System! What a true gem!

Physician Humor Thyself: An Analysis of Doctor Jokes (call no. R 705 P73): A perfect holiday gift for that nurse at SHS who took a week to get you an appointment while you had mono.

Afterwards, You’re a Genius (call no. R 723 B695): When your GPA falls, the spines of Van Pelt books can lift your spirits up. Thanks, R 723 B695 – we needed the reassurance that we are, indeed, geniuses.

Recipes for Immortality (call no. R 607 135 W45): Study break ideas: get coffee with a friend, watch a movie, make a horcrux…

Herbal Cures: Traditional Approach (call no. R 606 H47): That final paper wasn’t too dank, was it? When all else fails, UTB has you covered.