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Wharton Demands An Entire Hour Of Community Service: A Finals Time Hoax

Once again we're reminded that we have some REAL tricksters at this school, and admittedly, talented ones. They wanted to pull a finals prank. They wanted to cause uproar and confusion. So they did what us other students would only DREAM of doing/wish we had thought of first. 

They created a Wharton community service requirement. A ONE HOUR community service requirement. 

The worst part? Community service isn’t really something to joke about doing tbh, and the fact that there was backlash about one hour of it? Not what we like to see.

The best part? It looks SO real. See for yourself.

(Update: There was no hack on the Wharton listserv, individuals were emailed via other means. Touché, pranksters.)

And of course, the email reminding students that Wharton would NEVER do such a thing.

The way we see it?

+ 1,000 for finding time to do a prank during finals

+ 165.8 for originality and back-handed snark

+ 200 for being ballsy

- 8,004 because we want to know who these troublemakers are

+ 95 for creating a “Wharton Community Projects Committee”

- 300 for joking about community service/offending people

+ 300 for offending Wharton

+ 2 pity points because you're about to get in SO much trouble

- 10,084.9839 because shouldn’t you be studying or something?

Total: -16626.1839