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FebClub Week 1: What To Skip, And What Not To Miss

If (1) you're a Senior and (2) your Class Board emails automatically get sent to junk mail (we don't blame you), this one's for you.

FebClub is happening again this year, as is the legend about your name carved into a plaque in Smoke's if you make it to all events. Even though we haven't quite figured out why FEBClub starts in JANUARY this year, we've scouted out this week's best events so you can minimize the time you spend waiting in lines and maximize the time you spend drinking for free.

Day One

When, Where, What: January 30th, 8PM: KICKOFF Event at XFINITY LIVE

Free shit?: Drinks, food, hangover

Pro: Compared to previous years, it's a pretty sweet opening event.

Con: Too far from campus to cheaply Uber, and your wallet will complain about the sorta-but-not-officially-mandatory donation to the Penn Fund.

Bottom line: Go.

Day Two

When, Where, What: January 31st, 9PM: FEB-BREW-ARY

Free shit?: Nope. It's a beer garden, but you're buying your own drinks.

Pro: The perfect chance to knock off some bucket list items: "see Philly" and "get off campus" and "take public transportation." Even though, like, it's still January.

Bottom line: Go late once the lines are shorter. 

Day Three

When, Where, What: February 1st, 4:30PM: Superbowl Pregame Happy Hour at Harvest

Free shit?: Not unless you can get your drunk friends to buy you shots.

Pro: 4:30pm still qualifies as Day Drinking, which is so cool you guys

Con: Harvest is not big enough for 2500 of your classmates.

Bottom line: Skipable. Breakaway pregame at Tap House, anybody?

Day Four

When, Where, What: February 4th, 7PM: Wine and Cheese with Dean Furda @ Sweeten Alumni House

Free shit?: A non-Franzia wine drunkenness

Pro: The perfect chance to talk up your wait-listed younger brother

Con: Secretly, the admissions office is trying to get you to join their ranks.
Bottom line: Worth stopping by halfway through for some study snacks on your way to VP

Day Five

When, Where, What: February 5th, 6PM: Dock Street: Pizza and Beer

Free shit?: First 40 people get a free tour. First 250 people get beer and pizza specials

Pro: Your chance to say you've been West of 42nd Street

Con: Same shit as Allegros, slightly better quality. And you have to pay for it.

Bottom line: Cool venue, but trying to be one of the first 40 in line (that's like the top 2% of our class) is a headache. 

Day Six

When, Where, What: February 6th, 7:15PMFeb Club Takes Atlantic City

Free shit?: Lighter wallet, sand in your shoes, an opportunity spend 5 hours in your home state

Pro: You might get lucky.

Con: You probably won't.
Bottom line: Go, but don't miss the 2am bus back to Philly.