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Kenn Kweder is the best thing that 1970's Philadelphia ever produced, so it's mostly just surprising that there haven't already been several feature-length films dedicated to his talent and enigma. Though we consider him to be our very own, standing as the only reason to go to Smoke's on a Tuesday, we have to remember that he's so, so much more than that. 

Kweder is rock & roll, and he and his great head of hair perform upwards of five nights a week all over the city. His talent is so great, and commitment to high-quality bar music so deep, that he's inspired a young Temple Film & Media Arts grad to create a professional quality film dedicated to his life and loves. 

Though the Indiegogo campaign is now closed after raising more than $25,000 (!), the preview (which excitingly promises "strong language" within the first few seconds), is fascinating to say the least. You even get to see drunk Penn kids headbanging at around 1:58! Realistically though, this January, let's all take a page out of Kweder's book and say, "fuck it, this is what I do." Cheers, Kweder – we can't wait for the film.