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5 Reasons To Be Excited For William Street Common

Note: This is NOT Commons' attempt at rebranding. This is a brand spankin’ new restaurant opening tomorrow on 39th and Chestnut. We know there’ve been a lot of new restaurants opening recently, so here’s five reasons why William Street Common is special:

  1. They offer maple-glazed snack bacon. YES that’s a real thing and YES we foresee ourselves post-mating it to VP in the future.
  2. Their $5 flat-rate drink menu means you can brag to your parents about how frugal you’ve been recently.
  3. The prix-fixe brunch comes with unlimited coffee and donuts. We’re already excited about all the Penn Police we’ll be seeing there.
  4. The vintage arcade means that you can recreate scenes from Princess Diaries while surrounded by Philadelphia hipsters.
  5. And lastly, they enforce a no-tipping policy which basically means you never have to do math again.