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Feb Club Week 3: Haven't We Done This Before?

You're halfway to getting your name on a plaque in Smokes! Yay! Week 1 is past. Week 2 is over. You've been tagged in so many pictures of you holding a beer and being photobombed by a random girl who you kind of know because she was in a MEAM class with you but wasn't on your group project team but was on your friend's group project team but it was a big class so you're not sure that she recognizes you or means to be photobombing you but you made awkward eye contact so it's unclear what the situation is...and now you're ready to do it all again this week! 

Check out UTB's picks for Week 3 of Feb Club below:

Saturday night, Feb 14th: Feb Club in Love @ the Dental School @ 5pm

Where is the love? V-Day party in The Dental School atrium (we're not totally sure where that is). The dentists-to-be won't make an appearance, but according to Class Board, there will be "unlimited candy." We smell a scheme. 

The bottom line: Dates optional, pearly whites mandatory, laughing gas necessary. 

Sunday night, Feb 15th: 80s Roller Skating @ Millenium Skate World (Camden, NJ) @ 7:30pm

What's going down? Free pizza and beer (again) and skating. Back when your parents were in college, Madonna and Michael Jackson were all the rage, and neon leggings were things that didn't cost 30 bucks at American Apparel people actually wore. So fun!

The bottom line: All 240 tix are sold out, which sucks if you were super eager to go to Camden. Try Craigslist? 

Wednesday night, Feb 18th: Mill Creek Wednesdays @ Mill Creek Tavern @ 9pm

All-you-can-eat: Twelve bucks gets you unlimited beer and wings and karaoke. So, like, you can totally reprise Kweder's rendition of Uptown Funk from last night. Yeah, yeah Mother F%$&@*s!!

The bottom line: Go! It's a 10 minute walk

Thursday night, Feb 19th: Glee Club does something interesting @ Iron Gate Theater @ 8pm

Act quickly: Only 250 tix are available, which means you're directly competing with 2500 of your classmates for a chance to see Penn's oldest performing arts group (Seriously. When Glee Club founded, the Confederacy was still a thing).

The bottom line: If you're trying to get Feb Club swag, show up. Anyone who attends Mask and Wig, VagMons, and Glee Club gets a scarf! (But, like, if you really don't like attending Feb Club events but really want swag, we suppose you could start hooking up with one of the Class Board kids...but that's just weird.)

Friday night, Feb 20th: Philly Orchestra @ the Kimmel Center @ 8pm

Act cultured: If listening to EDM while you study is getting old, check out Feb Club's night at the orchestra. Tickets are affordable and will be released soon.

The bottom line: We know, we know. Concertos are so 200 years ago. But this will be cool, we promise...as long as "progressive and ethereal harmonies" are your thing!