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Mario & Luigi Take To Penn

In yet another iteration of the cast of Mario Brostaking over Penn, Mario and Luigi were recently spotted scootering around in Huntsman and dining in CapoGiro. All signs point to this being a promotional stunt organized by Nintendo as a way to create buzz for the upcoming Penn-themed game "Super Mario OCRKartParty 3." Sources say this gaming experience will feature the plumber-twin heroes Mario and Luigi facing: inexplicably icy brick paths, Moncler-clad Koopa Troopas, battles royale with industry bosses at Capo coffee chats, Fro Gro shopping cart races down Locust, pesky frat-boy Goombas, short-lived feelings of golden invincibility, and the opportunity to experiment with mushrooms at Fling. The goal will still obviously be to rescue Peach, and by Peach we mean a job in New York with a firm your parents can be proud of. Leave it to Nintendo to pull off such an elaborate promotional effort just to brighten our days! Or, you know, this could just be pledging — it's hard to say for sure.