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The Best Of Ben Lerner: 23 Posts That Made Us Laugh, Learn, And Love Penn Just A Little Bit More

For the last five years, UTB has been led by dedicated, hilarious, and post-worthy human beings, and Ben Lerner is no exception. Besides his genuine love of the blog and its content, he loved being an integral part of our team, and he will be missed more than he can imagine. Thank you, Ben, for being a supportive, thoughtful leader, for cracking us up every time you speak, and for giving us at UTB a place here at Penn that we love. You’re fabulous, you’re flawless, and we know you’ll always be there for us…in your trailer…with a lawyer present. Absolutely.

We love you Ben Lerner, this one's for you. 

UTBesos your whole life long, 

Rachel and the Incredible Edz CharCo, Ish, BC, Dan, and Jess

So as a belated 22nd birthday present—and as a fond farewell—we put together 23 (!) of Ben's best gems for everyone's enjoyment. Enjoy.

  1. The very first, of many: Houston Market Quietly Ups Prices
  2. Covering Madame Gutmann since 2012. Amy: Proudly Penn At The Palestra
  3. Introducing Lil' Pop Shop into our lives: Lil' Pop Shop Takes A Lil' Gamble At 44th And Spruce
  4. Reporting from the war zone. Battle of the High Rises: Rodin vs. Harrison
  5. Emmy coverage as only Ben can: Penn Alumna Graces The Emmy Stage
  6. Family weekend down to a science. Family Weekend: Where To Make Them Take You
  7. A Juxtaposition of two blogging greats. Arianna Huffington: Also Coming To An Irvine Near You
  8. Remember when the world was supposed to end in 2012? Merry End Of The World!
  9. A socialite commenting on social things: Become a Social Ivy Butterfly!
  10. You heard it here first. Amy G in negotiations to be Royal Baby's Grandmother
  11. Pun master and reference maker: You're LUCKY To Be Here! A Silver Linings Penn Playbook
  12. Close encounters of the Countess kind: Locust Hawk, The Main Artery of Campus
  13. Adding to the never-ending list of Commons fuck ups: Tragedy of the Commons, Part Deux
  14. True facts about the Harlem Shake: They Might As Well Rename It The Penn Shake
  15. LEGENDARY: Rodin Bananap
  16. Delivering some disappointing news: Your 2013 Fling Headliner, Finally: GIRL TALK
  17. The Kate Taylor episode: Penn Community Reacts Via Social Media To NYT Hookup "Exposé"
  18. Breaking Fling headliners like it's his job: FLING HEADLINER IS DAVID GUETTA
  19. Under The Button exists for stuff like this. Quaker Days Update: Dean Furda Drops It Like It's Hot
  20. Introducing us to the Struggle Bus: 10 Things Millennial Penngineers Love
  21. Decoding an elaborate scheme: Jigsaw Senior Society: The Prank of a Generation
  22. Heartfelt and humorous: Here's What Joan Rivers Told Penn's Graduating Seniors in 1989
  23. (And one for good luck!) A post similar to this one, which is only appropriate for these two: IT'S AMY'S 65TH B-DAY! Celebrating 65 Things That Happened During Her Reign