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Ware Floods, Leaving Freshmen In Misery Forever

Nothing says Monday morning like a soothing hot shower to start off your week. At 7 a.m. this morning, some freshmen in the Quad were delightfully awakened by a sprinkling of piping hot mist when a water conduit in Ware burst, flooding a newly purchased laptop charger, hamper full of laundry, and entire dorm room floor. 

Thankfully, Ware security left three full hours for the residents to enjoy their early morning spa treatment before alas shutting off the water supply. Evidently, these freshmen took advantage of this extended time to come up with creative uses for the leaking water, including (but not limited to) catching water in buckets to construct makeshift rainstick instruments, and designing fun wallpapers to cover the damage of the torn-apart walls and ceilings.

Until further notice, the freshmen are relocating to Fisher college house. At the very least, let's hope their professors have enough sympathy to allow for a "the flood ate my homework" excuse.