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The Penn Canada Goose Tumblr Has Finally Arrived

Ya, just kidding; you didn't get into your srat/frat/GDI crew by being different. Why be ~unique~ when you can just fly with the rest of the flock and get the same black Canada Goose and some sweet Bean Boots? Just follow the three simples rules of Penn fashion: 1. Your outfit should be monochromatic, 2. Your outfit should not cost less than $1000 dollars, and 3. If you gotta go with a color, it's gotta be salmon. No exceptions. If you play your basic little cards right, then maybe someday you will end up on this blog!

Real talk though: if you can afford a $600 dollar coat, maybe try a little harder? There are so many even warmer coat options (just one example). No one will fault you for taking a risk, and you probably won't end up on a blog highlighting Penn students' inability to think differently.