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That Sad Bar Next To The Rave Is Being Replaced

It is with great sadness that we bid farewell to yet another University City institution. No, this is not another farewell note to Chili’s. Crave, Rave Cinema’s bar/café/perpetual empty space is being replaced by something called “The Rhythm Room.” 

Extensive Google searching is inconclusive. Could this be the newest iteration of the “The Rhythm Room” of Phoenix, Arizona, known for its live blues performances and boasting a whopping 41 moderately positive Google reviews? If so, Rumor should worry about its status as Thursday night hotspot. Or is it an educational facility for people who just can’t find the beat on the dance floor? Maybe it’s a bunch of soundproof rooms for student drummers to practice in and avoid their angry roommates. Odds are it's a simple rebranding of Crave, since bars in the area do take some time to find their footing (looking at you, Harvest). Only time will tell.