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What's HapPENNing?

Sorry to say this but...welcome back. At least the slush/snow's all gone? Anyway, once you're done writing captions for your freshly uploaded beach pics, check out some of the stuff going on this week that might make being back to the grind a li'l more tolerable:

Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz on Medical Ethics
When? Today at 7pm
Where? Hunstman G55
Why? You only live once
Bring? An inquisitive mind

Kirk Bloodsworth: Activist, Speaker, and Death Row Exoneree
When? Tuesday at 7pm
Where? Hunstsman G60
Why? Because you have a chance to hear from the first person to be exonerated as a result of post-conviction DNA testing
Bring? Your support for the Innocence Project

A Conversation with Pussy Riot
When? Tuesday 4:30-6pm
Where? Harrison Auditorium
Why? Because we all know Putin's probably stirring up trouble again
Bring? Intelligent things to say about their work and new video, I Can't Breathe

Liberty in North Korea: To the North Korean People
When? Tuesday at 7:30
Where? Huntsman 355
Why? Because you'll feel pumped up to create meaningful change after Pussy Riot
Bring? A message of support for the people of North Korea

Israel Forum at Penn Viewing Party for Israeli Elections
When? Tuesday at 3pm
Where? Hillel, Berkowitz Living Room
Why? Can't go wrong with some political drama in your life
Bring? Popcorn

M&T Innovation Fund Info Session
When? Tuesday and Wednesday
Where? SHDH 215
Why? Because you have a good idea
Bring? Your good idea

Kelly Writer's House Speakeasy
When? Wednesday at 7:30pm
Where? Take a wild guess
Why? Because you need more proof that Penn students are extremely talented
Bring? Your friends!

"The Mask You Live In" Film Screening and Discussion
When? Thursday at 7pm
Where? Annenberg Room 110
Why? Because you want to do something useful with your Thursday night for once
Bring? A free ticket, which you can get here

Summer Internship Info Sesh
When? Thursday at 7pm
Where? Huntsman G92
Why? Because you still haven't figured out what you're gonna do this summer
Bring? A laptop, so you can start working on apps during the session convey an illusion of productivity

MERT Blood Drive
When? Friday from 10am to 3pm
Where? Hillel 
Why? It burns calories
Bring? Blood, and lots of it

Penn Film Festival
When? Friday at 6pm
Where? Platt
Why? Free popcorn. Oh, and also the films.
Bring? An empty wallet, because it's free!

Nowruz Party at Penn
When? Saturday, 7:30 to 11:30pm
Where? Hall of Flags
Why? Because your Persian friends won't stop talking about it
Bring? Smart-casual attire, an appetite for kabob, and a ticket, which you can get here

Penn Hawaii Club Lu'au
When? Sunday at 4:30pm
Where? Bodek
Why? Because you didn't know we had a Hawaii Club
Bring? A ticket and an empty stomach

Don't see your event listed? Leave its details in the comments section below.