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10 Flowers That Are Having A Better Monday Than You

The weather outside is FINALLY awesome, but that doesn't change the fact that it's Monday, which means class and homework and meetings and...responsibilities. Here are 10 flowers that are enjoying today more than you are:

This innocent, sweet, baby ray of sunshine out by the Engineering Quad:

This troupe of bloomers! Spring break just started for them, and it lasts all the way till September:

These funky motherflowers struttin' their stuff out on Wynn Commons! They could tone it down a notch to be honest:

These little ones are having a photosynthetic potluck while you're stuck in lecture!

Feeling blue? These flowers aren't because they didn't have a 9am recitation:

These guys might look a little down, but they're actually having a better Monday than you, just trust us on this one:

Flowers might not be sentient, but the weekend never ends for them:


This clique is more satisfied with itself than yours:

And this handsome young fellow in yellow? He doesn't have anything due tomorrow, or ever: