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15 Unflattering Photos Of People Who Could Kick Your Ass

If there's one thing Penn Relays showed this week besides the payoff of training and dedication, it's that the athletes are legit Darwinianly better than the rest of us. They can outlive us in a zombie apocalypse, outlive us in general, or just straight up kick our ass if they wanted to. Let's face it: something like a couple unflattering pics wouldn't even phase them. So on behalf of those of us who get tired just thinking about Penn Relays, let alone participating, Under the Baton presents: 

I should not have poked that

Aaaaaaaand I'm asleep

I seem to be doing the robot all of a sudden...and I'm okay with that!

You're breaking up with me?

Booty had me like

Studies show that a grumpy face is the most aerodynamic

And there goes my last fuck

I feel god in this stadium tonight

Welcome to the Salty Spitoon. HOW TOUGH ARE YA?

When a professor randomly calls on you

*Sustained fart noise*

When Chipotle runs out of carnitas right before your eyes

I'm gonna end up on a popular campus blog, aren't I?

Shoot, I better catch up—even my tongue is ahead of me

What the heck is this thing doing here?