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25 Fling Parties That Definitely Won't Get Shut Down

With the beginning of Fling comes the age-old dilemma of choosing which parties to attend. Where’s the best place to see your friends? Where’s the best place to roll? Most importantly, which parties won’t get quickly shut down?

Well, UTB is here to answer all of your questions. Here’s a list of 25 exciting Fling parties that definitely won’t get shut down:

  1. The Penn Police party
  2. AXO’s ten–member party
  3. MERT’s Fling party
  4. Allied Barton pregame
  5. The “Year of Proof” Party
  6. The “Year of Sound” Party
  7. The “Year of Health” Party
  8. People BYOing Qdoba
  9. Dorm Party in the Substance Free Hall
  10. Any parties thrown in Sansom East/West
  11. Penn Quidditch party
  12. Any and all Rosenparties
  13. Quad Security Booth Party
  14. The meeting with your tutor that you accidentally scheduled during Fling
  15. The pregame your weird hall mate planned
  16. Jeremy's party
  17. The party you have alone in your room while everyone else is Flinging
  18. The rally in support of the Eighteenth Amendment
  19. The Ready for Hillary Party
  20. The National Bat Appreciation Day party
  21. Yale Russian Chorus Alumni: "A Concert of Russian Secular and Liturgical Songs"
  22. Slavic Department presents: "History of Early Russian Orthodox Liturgical Music"
  23. Classics Department presents: “Human Sacrifice in Etruscan Art and Reality”
  24. Earth Science Department presents: "Planetary Waves in the Ocean: A New Theory and Satellite Observations"
  25. Germanic Studies Department presents: "Politics of the Throat: Voice, Body, and Modern Performances of Humanity"