AXO: A Tale Of Two Sororities?

Amid swirling rumors that AXO was revoking their charter and going off campus, some sisters were not willing to go quietly into the scene. According to the bylaws, AXO cannot revoke its charter without a unanimous vote, which…didn’t happen.

In other words, the Alpha Epsilon chapter of Alpha Chi Omega WILL still exist at Penn. 90% of the members, however, still plan to resign, leaving less than 10 of its original 201 members in the chapter. 

In an attempt to retain membership, reps from AXO nationals held a meeting this weekend…but only two people went. This prompted a harshly worded email to the chapter warning them of how hard it is to be off-campus–comparing an underground sorority to a knockoff Tory Burch handbag, which lacks the “same credibility” as a REAL Tory Burch bag. (Ah yes, Tory Burch. A Penn alum who was in…Theta.)

Despite this slap on the wrist, the plan still remains: those who deactivate will form an off-campus philanthropic organization unaffiliated from nationals and the University. Those who pledge allegiance to the chapter will endure alcohol education and social probation for two years. And those who peace out will endure freedom. Will other Greek organizations take this route too? What does the future hold? We have no idea. All we can do is sit back and enjoy write about the show.

For more information, read this article by The Daily Pennsylvanian.