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Honeygrow Coming To Penn

Betches, rejoice! Honeygrow is coming to Penn. The fast-casual restaurant known for its salads, stir-fry, and "honey bar" fruit cups will be strategically located right next to Pottruck. 

UTB Predictions:

1. A turf war with Sweetgreen is inevitable. They will wage battle over who can market themselves as being more environmentally-friendly while charging you $11.50 for lettuce. 

2. Honeygrow will join the annals of Penn restaurant history as something that was insta-worthy when it was located downtown but is now just another thing to choose Chipotle over (see: Hip City Veg, Hai Street Kitchen). 

3. Customers place their orders on an interactive screen, so replacing Wawa with Honeygrow as a prime drunk eating location will result in weight loss for the entire student body.