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Texts From Fling, Volume V

Ah, Fling. What a time to be "alive." For those of you who left it all out there in the Quad, here are the texts that you don't remember sending. For those of you who do remember your shenanigans, maybe try doing better next year. 

Penn's Very Own Indiana Jones

410: how was your night?

203: Got far too drunk

203: And woke up to a crystal skull and a copy of the great gatsby

410: I feel like those are clues to something

203: yeah, it seems like quest material

Necessity IS the Mother of Invention

551: fun fact: myself and two others crawled through a hole in your backyard fence, and were TRAPPED in a backyard alleyway, and then i tapped on a stranger's window and scuttled through his home and out to the street

Yeah, I'd Kill Or Be Killed To Get Into ZBT

508: Can someone come to the door of zbt before I murder the pcp 

Come Here! I Want to Literally Soak You In Alcohol! 

615: Guys where are you I have a water gun full of champagne 

Living the Dream

601: If anyone speaks french and wants to fuck with some random french highschoolers lmk 

The Philosophy of Descartes + Everclear = This

494: i exist


443: yeah I went to smoke's by myself for three hours apparently 

Making A New Friend!

604: what cat is thsi 

876: that's smokey we named him when we were getting high

604: oh

Fling Doesn't Discriminate 

701: i threw up on a Persian tapestry

A Good Point

303: I was so tired. sex is a lot of work. I don't do work. 

Wasn't The "Getting High" Part Already Implied?

401: Wanna get Hill Brunch

561: Can we get high first?

This Would Be a Tough Death to Eulogize

215: I just got hit by a car in the Allegros parking lot

Apparently There's No Such Thing as Inappropriate 

213: I'm prbly going to show up covered in paint and drunk 


215: instead of fling tanks can we get speedos next year with our letters on our asses 

A Classic Mixup

223: I'm at copa come say hi

978: upper quad or lower quad?

At Least Someone Is Preserving the Sanctity of Trap Queen 

224: i'm like hey whats up hello

410: *wassup