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What's HapPENNing?

Okay, okay, okay, we KNOW Fling is coming up, you don't have to tell us. We're sure you know where you're pregaming, and where you're pregaming the pregame, so we'll focus this week's picks on NON-Fling events:


What: Elmo Speakeasy

Where: Elmo's backyard

When: Monday, 7-9pm

Who: People who love performing their arts

Why: Because it's only a five dollar *suggested* donation

Late-night Today

What: Free Tie-dye tanks

Where: Hillel

When: Monday, 8:45-10:15pm

Who: People who like tie-dye...and s'mores

Why: Because Fling tanks are cooler when you don't spend 30 bucks on them

In a coupla days

What: Spring into Fling

Where: Towne West Lawn (Engineering-land)

When: Wednesday, 12-2pm

Who: SEAS Council

Why: Free Sugar Philly Macarons, 12 Baskets Cupcakes, Philly Soft Pretzels, iced tea, and lemonade

This weekend

What: Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

Where: Iron Gate Theater

When: Go to the Friday midnight show. It's rowdy.

Who: Quadramics.

Why: Because taking two hours off of Fling is recommended


What: Prince Fox (and some other DJs) 

Where: Rumor

When: Thursday night, 11:30pm

Who: A whole bunch of frats are bringing him...

Why: ...so if you can get over that, then definitely come out to see the Prince! He puts on a great show.