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New "Last Hurrah" App Is Like Tinder For Penn Seniors

Seniors, the time has come: to forego what is left of your childhood, embrace becoming an adult and enter the real world. But thankfully there's a week left for potential senior debauchery. Have you ever longingly gazed at some cutie through the glass of a GSR? Or relished in the 30 seconds you got to spend with a hot guy or girl in a VP elevator, only to realize you'll probably never speak? The Last Hurrah, a matching app exclusively for Penn Seniors, is here to make your dreams come true. Any Penn senior with an email address can anonymously enter the names of up to 10 seniors that they'd like to hook up with, and if the interest is mutual, both parties receive a notice that they've "matched." 

So go on, have some fun and put yourself out there — you're not that old yet.