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Felines Are Closer To World Domination Than We Thought (Philly's Getting A Cat Café)

From the shores of Japan to the shores of Jersey, the cat café phenomeownon has landed. Kawaii Kitty Café is expected to open sometime in December under the guise of "adoption center fused with a café," which is catspeak for either "world domination headquarters" or "human trap."

So, where exactly is it gonna be? Well, right at the corner of No One and Knows Yet because it's still being finalized; there're talks of Old City and Fishtown (how cute kawaii would it be if there was a cat café in Fishtown) but paws crossed for University City. Imagine: ending a long day of lectures by snuggling up with one of the cat cafe's lovely tea blends. Nothing more comforting than a warm, aromatic beverage!