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NYT Calls Out Hill For Being Worse Than The Quad

As the summer days drift away and we near our return to Penn, it's only appropriate that the Times chime in and add to their cyberbullying SAGA (jk we had this one coming). A mere one scroll down their post, "Dorms You'll Never See on the Campus Tour," reveals this unflattering photo of Hill College House, "gap-toothed brickwork," and all.

TL;DR: Hill's old. It's not pretty. It's not the Quad. Even worse, the article's claim that, "air-conditioning will arrive over the next few years," will probably never happen. With that said...

To the freshmen moving into Hill: Don't worry, love does exist in this hopeless place. But if that doesn't work, make friends in the Quad.

To the upperclassmen who lived in Hill: Feel good knowing the worst is over and you can probably lie about living in the Quad now.

And to those in the Quad, past and present: You think that everybody is in love with you when actually everybody hates you.