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Oh Y'Know, Just Riding Our Bikes On The Roof Of Frogro

Welcome back, Penn! Now that our readership is back up to ?18 people with everyone back from summer, we thought we'd take the time to inform you that A BAND OF RECKLESS, HEDONISTIC YOUTHS WAS SPOTTED absolutely tearing up the roof of Frogro with their bikes yesterday :'(. 

Check out the raw footage taken by the DP's new DRONE, which stands for Daily Reconnaissance Or Notetaking Engineer and is basically someone the DP pays $12/hr to do laps around each rooftop lounge with their iPhone camera pointed out the window. The safety cones, padding, and instructor in the video tell us that the dangerous biker gang is definitely up to something. Keep an eye out this semester, and send your tips to tips@underthebutton.com.