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10 Hats We Think The Pope Should Try On

Pope Francis has done some pretty awesome things with his life and role as a spiritual leader. But there's just one problem: his traditional white cap is extremely boring. Here are some suggestions for ways the pope can up his headgear game while he's here:

1. Can't go wrong with a simple, red trucker hat.

2. Next, the pope should try on this classic gentlemen's boater.

3. How pious is this man really? Only one way to find out: Sorting Hat.

4. We'd love to see the pope in a big ol' Stetson. Everyone has an inner outlaw!

5. The papal wardrobe could really use a splash of color. And that's where this cute little hat comes in.

6. Our campus reeks of sin. But as the good Catholics among us know, the only way to purify our collective student body is to get the pope to don an official, navy blue Penn chapeau.

7. It's 2015. The pope needs to be accepting of all religions, and putting on a yamaka is a good place to start.

8. As the old saying goes, "a cool cat in a tall hat make the booty go (clap)!"

9. The papacy is pretty much a dead-end job. But a propeller beanie would really propel his career to the next level.

10. A ski mask. Why? To remind everyone that Pope Francis is more than just a face—he's a spiritual leader with shoulders, hands, and legs too.

Well, those are the 10 hats we want the pope to try on. Thanks for reading!