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10 OCR Interview Tips That Are Actually Helpful

On-campus recruitment is upon us folks, and if you're reading this it's too late to pretend you don't need our help. OCR interviews can be make or break, so we've put together some advice that's actually helpful—not like the fluff you get from career services. Enjoy.

1. Shake your interviewer's hand with a uniformly applied pressure of 2.75 Newtons per square inch and your elbow at 110°.

2. Avoid asking "what company is this for again?"

3. Don't walk in alone! There are no rules against bringing some friends and a bottle of wine to help you get through the tough questions.

4. Remember to put your airhorn on silent mode.

5. Bring an extra set of clothes. If you're sweating through in the middle of the interview, just get up and change! Interviewers are looking for candidates who can adapt on the spot to moisture.

6. Do NOT screw this up.

7. Only talk for the right amount of time.

8. In case you need to make a quick escape, bring 3 or 4 smoke bombs.

9. Be straightforward! As the interview winds down, ask them how the interview went. And before heading out, ask for a specific percentage likelihood that you'll be hired. In the event that they can't give you an exact number, at least ask what they thought about your personality and answers to the interview questions.

10. Remember what your interviewer looks like so you can paint them a thank-you portrait afterwards

Following these tips guarantees you a high-paying and personally satisfying role at any institution or company in the world—but only if they conduct interviews.

Don't worry, no need to thank us! ;)