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12 Things We Wanna See At PennApps XII

The twelfth biannual PennApps—you know, the place where all your Engineering friends disappear to for three days—is starting tomorrow. We have some THC-intoxicated expectations for you hackathoners out there...but we also know how hard it can be to come up with and create an app in a single weekend, so we thought we'd do you a solid and throw out some ideas:

1. An app that approximates when they're going to run out of avocados at Sweetgreen

2. An app that lowers our tuition

3. An app that displays our website, and does only that

4. A device that lets us watch lectures remotely, like from the comfort of our bed for example

5. A robot that goes to Pottruck on our behalf

6. An app that uses GPS to track our friends/enemies/exes so we can plan our route down Locust

7. An app that sends you a notification whenever someone with a high swipe-right ratio on Tinder is nearby

8. A fuckboyometer

9. An app that does it all—that literally does everything

10. A website that's like PennInTouch, but not at all, and is better

11. A device that lets us use the Internet with our minds

12. An app that lets you check how crowded it currently is at Wawa

No need to credit us—just go ahead and make these ideas a reality! Good luck to you hackers at Wells Fargo Center this weekend! ;)