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What's HapPENNing?

Things that are in: midterms, jaded freshman, sorority apple picking pictures, football gamez (upset of the century!!), counting down till Fall Break. Things that are out: The Pope, add period, Super Blood Moons, naive freshman, coasting through class. When you're not stressing this week, here are some cool events to check out: 

Conversation With Politico's Executive Editor

When? Tuesday, 6:30 PM

Where? JMHH 340

Why? Nepotism (shouts to Penn alumni), also politics + journalism = cool!!!

Bring? A liberal arts degree and your inferiority complex

Discussion Adam Parkhomenko On Hillary

When? Tuesday, 8:00 PM

Where? Penn Dems is bad with room locations!!

Why? The next president is his boss. Sorry Bernie fans. 

Bring? Your own private email server that you took from your Westchester house

SPEC Film Presents: He Named Me Malala 

When? Wednesday, 7:00 PM

Where? The Rave (or whatever its weird name is...)

Why? Girl won the Nobel Peace Prize. The documentary is directed by freaking Davis Guggenheim. Do we need more reasons? 

Bring? The realization that you are not very accomplished in life

St. Elmo Speakeasy

When? Thursday, 7:00 PM

Where? "3627 Locust Walk" 

Why? Support people more talented than you. Suppoer WePAC!

Bring? Your talent. LOL!!!


When? Saturday, 6:30 PM

Where? Penn Park

Why? Free food. Giveaways. Cute pics with your girls. Class spirit. Freaking AlunaGeorge!!

Bring? Probably drugs, TBH

Philly Pick of the Week: Philly Poetry Slam

When? Friday, 8:30 PM

Where? PhilaMOCA 

Why? The top performer will represent Philadelphia at the National Poetry Slam. That is dope.

Bring? Your poetry. Anyone can sign up to perform!