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Website Of The Week: ???

Here at UTB, we're committed to making the web a more beautiful place. That's why starting now, we'll be regularly reviewing websites that belong to Penn's many student organizations. There's a lot of embarrassingly neglected domains, questionable content, and sorority sites that have been hacked by Chinese gamblers out there, and we want to share them with you, the world wide web. 

Today, we're starting out with everyone's favorite misspelled sugar free chewing gum brand that's also a sorority: Tridelt. Let's take a tour of their site, shall we?

Okay, uh, this is awkward. That's an actual screenshot of what you get when you go to Tridelt's Penn chapter page from the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life's list of sites. You ladies might wanna get that updated. The rest of us, let's take some antidepressants and try to find their actual site. Ah, here we are.

Where to begi—OKAY THERE'S MUSIC. Yup, Rather Be is now fully in charge of this experience. Guys, c'mon. You can't have unsolicited music playing immediately upon arrival—why do you think Myspace failed?

Moving on, we gotta say, the layout and colors are pretty good but it would be nice to scroll down your tweets instead of only getting to see two and half of them. Also, you guys have a members-only login system? What are you trying to hide? Everyone, Tridelt is hiding something. 

Before we go, let's look at their 'Why Tri Delta?' page.

We're not even gonna touch the diversity thing. But don't you guys think Elizabeth Banks was a Tri Delt is a more compelling reason to join than Responsibility to Serve? Just sayin'. All in all though, even with the confusion with Celect and everything, UTB hereby officially gives your website 3 stars out of 5, one for each delt:


Before you call us out on how plain our own website looks, just remember that you're wrong. Anyway, we hope you enjoyed our critical examination of Tridelt's web rhetoric choices. Be sure to tune in next week, or whenever we decide to do another one of these.