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8 Penn Things That Could Use A Little More Halloween Spirit

Happy All Hallows' Eve Eve Eve folks! It's almost time for a weekend of trickery and treatery! But looking around at this lack of decor, it doesn't feel that Halloweeny tbh. Let's fix that. UA, Amy G, the squirrels—whoever's in charge of seasonal campus decorations at Penn—below are some suggestions on how you can spook things up around here before HAAAAAAALLOWEEEEEEEEEEEN!

Turn Wynn Commons into Wynn Cemetery. Seriously, this place is waaay too cheery and pleasant this time of year. It needs like a thousand times more DREAD. Turning this place into a giant graveyard is prob the most efficient way to spookify it. So...chop chop.

Nobody likes looking at Huntsman anyway. Let's put a big sheet over it and call it Hauntsman Hall. Bam, spookification done on the cheap. Next!

Since we have less than 48 hours to get all these decorations up, let's just throw a straw hat on Skirkanich. Now we just need to give Scarekanich some brains, which is where all you engineering kids come in.

Carnage Hall: a nightmarish slaughterhouse. This is where high school dreams go to die.

We could be getting a lot more spook out of that plain Addams Family sculpture. Just for this Halloween, let's turn it back to how it was in 2012.

With enough makeup artists and electricity, we can easily spark this unnatural combination of last names into a living, breathing Frankensteinberg-Dietrich.

That whole 39th and Spruce area could be a LOT spookier. Let's take ???, add a little freak, and call it Freaky Dekey. 

Amy, your whole regality and righteousness schtick is a huge damper on the eeky Halloween vibes around here. We think it'd be best if you became Zombie Gutmann for a couple days. Seriously, it'll be good for you.

So, what can you the reader do to boost Halloween spirit? Well, you could get a group of friends together and go steal Princeton's colors. You could also do what this Penn law kid did, or submit photos for our annual costume contest. Either way, happy haunting from all of us at Under the BOO000ttun!