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Most Depressing Places On Campus Volume III: This Solitary Table In Front Of Gourmet Grocer

This week's installment of Most Depressing Places (catch up on Volume I and Volume II if you missed 'em!) takes us to an oft-overlooked nook and/or cranny of campus. To whoever placed this single table in front of Gourmet Grocer, just why?

Why would this be a good location for studying or catching up with your bestie over PSL's or contemplating your existence or literally anything, ever? It's located under the stairs. There's constant foot traffic from people going into Gourmet Grocer to purchase exorbitantly priced strawberries. You're way closer to the Commons bathrooms than one would ever hope to be. Overall, depressing and just impractical on every dimension.

The depressingness of the cupboard under the stairs vibe is only compounded by the presence of a PNC ATM. Not only have the poor souls who sit here likely been forced out of an overcrowded Starbucks, making their group project/tutoring session/meeting with one of those rabbis who are always at Starbucks ten times more awkward, but now they're relentlessly eavesdropped by people withdrawing 10 dollars from their bank account. Sad. 

UTB's suggestions for the Czar of 1920s Commons? 1. Turn this space into a permanent stress-relieving puppy pen. 2. Bring back Pizza Pi and put it right here. 3. Basically anything besides this sad little table.