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Staying In Philly For Fall Break? Here Are 10 Places You Should NOT Check Out

Happy fall break, Penn! If you're staying on campus, you've got four whole days to study for that Monday midterm explore sunny Philadelphia. Looking for things to do in the city? Try this awesome website. But if you're wondering what not to do over fall break, you've come to the right place. Here are 10 little-known spots that should stay that way.

1. The dumpster behind Civic House

One of the lesser known dumpsters on campus, this dumpster is one you shouldn't consider visiting over fall break because it is a dumpster.

2. 6th & Erie

Located in the heart of Philadelphia, this is the actual geographic center of Philadelphia. It's free to the public, but it's literally just an intersection.

3. Beijing

Looking for a decent BYO place? Go anywhere else. There is no conceivable reason for you to actively choose Beijing. Not that it's terrible—it's just that there are so many other restaurants that aren't Beijing.

4. Hospital of the UPenn

Probably not a good place to spend your fall break. Just trust us on this one.

5. Comcast Headquarters

If you really want to see what's in store at the nexus of America's most hated company, be our guest. Just know that you can get better views from the City Hall observation deck.

6. Well, this is awkward. We couldn't think of anything for #6. 

Woops! Please kindly move onto the 7th location on our list. Sorry for the inconvenience!

7. DRL A8

Even with its hole-in-the-wall charm and abundance of seating, DRL A8 should be last on your list of Philly destinations. Seriously, unless you're a mouse or a lost prefrosh, there's no reason for you to be here over fall break.

8. University Family Fun Ctr.

If you're looking to stay right in our neighborhood for fall break, look further than 40th and Spruce, home of the nation's first fun ctr. This place is only good for walking past and wondering what it would be like to go in.

9. The halal food truck on 38th & Spruce

Instead of this one, go to the one on 38th and Walnut. It's only a block away and they give you slightly more food for the same price. Don't believe us? Your loss.

10. The Philadelphia Museum of Art

Think about it, there's no reason for you to actually check out the museum. At the end of the day, you're just an organized mass of atoms that happen to work well enough together to support what we call consciousness, and anything you see at the museum would only exist as a fleeting neuroelectric response to stimuli in your brain—a silent blip in the grand course of the universe's history. Besides, didn't you go during NSO?