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Things You Can Accomplish Over Fall Break

Good afternoon, friends! It is yet again Fall Break. In order to help you get the most out of your extended weekend, here's a list of all the things you can (and probably should!) accomplish over the next four days. 

-You could spend one full day pondering each of the four sides of a rhombus.

-Deep clean your bedroom! 

-Spend hours and hours plotting Halloween hijinx -- it's only 23 days away!

-You could die from dehydration, but not from starvation. 

-You could walk into Center City once and then tell all your friends about how you "really got to know the city" over Fall Break.

-You could watch this movie approximately 108.6 times.

-You could lay in bed for three of the four days and then spend the remaining day complaining about having to do all of your homework. 

-You could take a good, hard look at your choices and decide if you're the person that you really want to be. 

-Apple picking!

-You could drive to Canada and then immediately turn around.

-Tonight's moon will be a waning crescent. You could spend four days thinking about what exactly that means.

-You could begin to walk the Appalachian Trail.

-Spend time with family and friends!

-You could really make a dent in Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

-Find a pumpkin patch and camp out for four days, basking in the glow of the autumnal charm.

-You could tell everyone that you're studying for all your midterms and then watch a dozen documentaries on Netflix instead.