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8 Things We Learned From The Ivy League Snapchat Story

The Ivy League Snapchat Story came barreling into our feeds last week, bringing cringe-worthy 7 second videos and many questions into our lives. Could EVERYONE see these? Obviously not. Exclusivity is everything. How long will this last? The answer appears to be forever. The deluge of Snaps has conviently taught us 8 things about the 8 Ivies:

1. The Ivy League is a sports conference and sports are actually v important These moderators really love sports. 

2. And are also possibly biased against Alec Baldwin because the fact that he was in a VP elevator Friday got way too little screen time. 

3. Clock towers are a really big deal for some folks. 

4. As are woolly mammoths. 

5. There is such a thing as too much Hotline Bling. ENOUGH. 

6. The acceptance rate of Snaps (rumored to be 4%) makes Penn's acceptance rate look pretty insignificant. 

7. We didn't know it was possible, but people at other schools actually seem more annoying than Penn kids when complaining about midterms. 

8. People shouting out to their besties/boyfriends/siblings/great aunt's neighbors at other Ivies really just hits it home that we live in a closed-off, elitist social stratum of American society and that it's all pretty messed up. Happy Snapping!