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Most Depressing Places On Campus Volume IV: The DRL Lobby

For this week's installment of Most Depressing Places On Campus, we ask that you place yourself in the shoes of a weary traveler, on her journey to her SAIL math lecture.  

After ten long miles (all uphill), she comes upon the entrance to David Rittenhouse Labs. Her heart fills with hope as she opens one of the fifteen pointless front doors – the hope that she has finally found a haven to shelter her from the weird half-rain falling outside.

Said hopeful heart quickly drops under the weight of the air that hangs heavy with bitterness. She has entered a Place of Math. The door slams behind her. It's too late to turn back now. She is careful to avoid eye contact with the sad souls hunched over the bench to the right. Instead, she focuses on the art piece to her left, complete with mirrors to check out the bags under her eyes. 

Finally, she makes it to the stairs, her steps echoing so loudly across the lobby that every single person on the bench looks up at her, wild-eyed. At least I only have to do this for one more semester, she thinks. Little does she know that during junior year, her Latin American music seminar will be in DRL, like some kind of sick joke. For now, she trudges upstairs, fueled by false hope.

Sorry DRL, but you're a bummer.