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Read This If You're Planning To Steal A Bicycle

A word of warning to all aspiring bike snatchers: Penn is getting tricky. 

As a way of catching thieves, Penn has begun setting out "bait bikes" in high-theft zones. These bikes are equipped with GPS and are set to notify police if they are moved. Evidently, Penn Police are 22 for 22 in arrests of bait bike thefts, meaning the suckers who are unlucky enough to steal a decoy are basically SOL. 

The plan for the decoy bike strategy is to "spook" would-be criminals, and it seems to be working so far. So if you're a bike rider, don't forget to hold on to your handlebars and to thank bait bikes for the fact that you still HAVE handlebars to hold on to. And if you're a career bike thief, cross your fingers and hope the next one you steal is not being watched by Penn Police.