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UTB After Dark: The WORST Of Your 2015 Halloween Costumes

You saw the best costumes. Maybe you even were one of the best, but now, in a time-honored tradition we present the worst of Penn's halloween costumes. For people who probably got a 2300 on their SATs and are president of 17 clubs, the lack of originality and creativity is astounding. 

Least Obvious Crew 

  • We've been staring at this crew for 3 hours now and still don't know what they are
  • This is Christmas themed but...maybe not?
  • Are those reindeer ears?

Best Attempt At Being in The Hall

  • Wearing the same outfit you wear on the Cape is not a costume
  • Your tie is undone!!!!!
  • Cannot wait for the snow(storm) this weekend

Worst Superheroes

  • Buying a t-shirt is not a costume
  • The total creativity this crew possesses is zero 

Worst Political Pun

  • Wearing a tie from your prep school is VERY lazy
  • Definitely taking a huge leap dressing up as another privileged white guy


  • I don't get the message at all!!
  • Is this a dynamic duo or...?